Everything has become uncertain in the gloomy time of this current COVID -19 pandemic, our lives, economy, finances, employment, and of course, physical and mental health. No one knows how long the effect of coronavirus will last worldwide and when we’ll get back to our normal lives. We all are unable to plan a course of action in this pervasive uncertainty and that leads to a high level of stress and anxiety. Dealing with this negativity during the covid-19 pandemic is getting hard for people now.

Social isolation, job loss, financial strain, work from home, these factors have created a negative atmosphere around us. Coping up with this negativity is crucial now to keep us mentally healthy.

How to overcome negativity during covid-19 pandemic?

Here are some ways that would help you to deal with it-

Make a proper routine –

Negativity during covid-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected our daily routine. People are not following a particular sleeping and working schedule. A disturbed sleeping schedule will make you crampy. So make plan your things properly and follow that routine.

Stay in touch with people –

Stay connected with people

Though we have to follow social distancing, that should not affect your connection with your beloved ones. We can’t meet physically, but we can get in touch virtually. Self- isolation is filling people with anger, anxiety, and stress. Video calls, phone calls, or connecting with people on social media can help you fulfill the human need for social contact and lift your spirits.

Spread positivity –

Spread positivity | How to deal with negativity during covid-19 pandemic

If we spread positivity, we’ll get positivity. People are getting only negative vibes in this pandemic, and that’s valid because people are losing their jobs, facing financial issues, and whatnot. In these harder times, if you can give positive vibes to others, then surely you can lower down your anxiety and stress level.

Do some workout –


Physical exercise is the best thing for your body and mind.  It gives you a fabulous physique and a healthy mind. Do workout and, if possible, make it a family workout session. There’ll be more fun. 

Practice self-care –

Self care

Turn your problems into opportunities. We know these are the hard times for us due to various issues. But soon, this shall too pass away. Covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to make time for ourselves. Before this pandemic, we were so busy that we could hardly give time to ourselves.  So, this is the perfect time to practice self-care. Explore yourself, follow your hobbies, and show your creativity.

The covid-19 pandemic has brought catastrophe in our lives. The problems that arise in this period have spread negativity all around us. It is hindering our mental peace. We all are in this together. Try to make sure that we take care of the mental and physical health around us.

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