Just like the eyes, our lips also increase the attractiveness of our face. Soft and pink lips not only improve appearance but also is a sign of healthy lips. Due to pollution and constant use of harsh cosmetics, the lips begin to darken and also start losing their natural beauty over time. Cracked lips are unsightly and in severe cases can cause bleeding. Chapped or dark coloured lips are a concern for most people, but with simple remedies you can get soft and moist lips.

What Makes Your Lips Go Dark?

Lips may turn dark due to various factors. Some of the major causes of dark lips are exposure to direct sunlight, use of low-quality cosmetics, allergic reaction, chewing tobacco, high caffeine intake, excessive smoking, and hormonal imbalance.

There are many tips to lighten your dark lips, and that don’t require expensive products or treatments. Natural home remedies work effectively to lighten your lips. The time it takes for these remedies to work varies, so you should use them as long as you need to get the desired results.

You should take these factors into consideration to protect the actual colour of your lips. However, without following proper and consistent lip care methods, you will not be able to retain the natural pink colour of the lips.

How To Get Soft And Moist Lips?

How To Get Soft And Moist Lips?

While some parts of your face – like your cheeks – have up to 16 layers of skin, your lips have only four or five layers. That’s why smokers lines and lip lines occur so quickly.

To regain their natural colour and beauty, here are some tips for beautiful lips that will help you bring back the soft, luscious and kissable lips look.

Choose Lip Balm With SPF

Choose lip balm with SPF! This will prevent UV rays from damaging your delicate lips, which keeps them soft and smooth.

Exposure to harsh sunlight can darken the lips. UV rays have the same harmful effect on your lips as it does on your skin. Use lip product that has SPF to protect your lips when you need to spend your daytime outside. Many well-known brands are selling lipsticks, glosses and lip balms (both tinted and non-tinted) with sun protection.

Wear The Right Lipstick

Lipsticks are basically a mixture of wax, fragrance, pigments, oils and alcohol. Different types of wax, oils and pigments are used in combination to get the desired product. Not all lipsticks contain the same ingredients. Some of them contain harmful ingredients like parabens, and some are made with natural ingredients—like plant oils or beeswax—and use natural colouring. If possible, choose the one that contains natural ingredients.

Use lipsticks only when you need it most. Otherwise, go for a tinted lip balm.

Choose Your Lip Product Wisely

Flavours and fragrances seem wonderful but may actually harm your skin. This includes both lip balms and lipsticks with flavour and fragrance.

Ingredients that are used to give lip products their fragrance and flavour are often chemical-based, and that might irritate and make your lips dry. It’s best to avoid them altogether.

Avoid Biting And Licking Your Lips

You need to be gentle to get soft and kissable lips. This means no licking or biting your lips. Biting can cause damage (for obvious reasons) while licking your lips can actually remove moisture and dry your lips out.

Dermatologists advise not to lick the lips to keep them wet because in the way you are drying them out, and this can darken your lips. 

Exfoliate Your Lips 

Skin cells undergo a continuous process of replacing the dead layer of cells outside with a fresh layer of cells. But when this layer isn’t wholly shed, your skin looks dead and dull. The same thing happens with the lips.

Natural lip scrub is a great option to remove dead skin cells from your lips. The most basic lip scrub requires just one teaspoon of honey and one half-teaspoon of sugar. Use it for exfoliation. After this apply a good lip moisturizer.

By using this scrub, you can exfoliate the thin skin on your lips with raw sugar while locking the moisture with honey.

You can also exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush. It may feel a little strange at first, but it will help get rid of dry, flaky skin.

The result? Younger, more vibrant skin on your lips! Just take a toothbrush with soft bristles, wet it with warm water, and rub it on your lips gently for one to two minutes.

Make Homemade Lip Masks

I am a bit obsessed with DIY face masks. But my obsession doesn’t stop with face masks! Now, I have added some DIY lip masks to the list. They’re super easy to prepare and really useful. These masks will help you to get soft lips naturally at home.

The basic lip masks only require 2 ingredients. Here are some easy suggestions:

  • One teaspoon of aloe vera gel and one teaspoon of olive oil.
  • One teaspoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of honey.
  • One teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of yogurt.

All these lip masks are great options for you, but it’s definitely not an exhaustive list. Get creative and start experimenting! There are a lot of lip masks waiting to make your lips soft and supple.

Use Vitamin E

Vitamin E increases circulation and can help generate new skin cells, which can soften your lips. Apply vitamin E capsules for lips in the following manner-

  1. Make sure that your lips are clean and dry.
  2. Either apply the oil directly or mix it with other agents such as lemon oil before applying
  3. After applying leave it on your lips for at least 15-20 minutes.
  4. Repeat the above steps twice a day for best results.

Eat Well And Drink Lots Of Water

This is an important step to get soft and moist lips. Take a healthy, anti-aging diet complete with plenty of superfoods and drink at least 8 glass of water every day.

About 50% to 60% of our body consists of water. To maintain the moisture and natural colour of lips, it is necessary to keep hydration levels throughout the day, especially during winters, when we often drink less water. Also, include high water content fruits such as cucumbers, watermelons, oranges, grapes and lemons in your diet.

Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips

Here are some home remedies you can implement that don’t contain chemicals and can be quickly done at home.

There you have it! Follow these tips to achieve soft and moist lips. Hope you find these lip care tips useful.

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