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Good Inexpensive Eyeshadow Palette In India

Check out some of the good inexpensive eye-shadow palettes, combining bright and muted tones, matte finishes and metallics and large and small sizes.

Periods Stress – 8 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Periods are not just about bleeding; it also brings anxiety, pain, mood swings etc. Check out 8 ways to lower down your stress during periods.

5 Ways To Deal With Negativity During Covid-19 Pandemic

How to deal with negativity during the covid-19 pandemic? Check out the 5 ways to take care of mental and physical health.

How To Have A Powerful Personality?

Strong personality attracts everyone. All are not born with a powerful personality but we can develop it by adopting some personality traits.

How to make your house smell luxurious?

How to make your house smell luxurious? Check out these top-rated home fragrance products to make your house smell good without much effort.

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising – 3 Step Skincare Routine

No one wants to follow a long skincare routine in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Here is a simple 3-step skincare routine for you busy people.

Tinted Lip Balms In India (2020)

Although the market is full of different kinds of lip balms, tinted lip balms my favourite because it serves both the purpose; hydrate your lips as well as add a little tint on your lips.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils On Skin

Add the goodness of essential oil to your daily skincare routine. If used in a proper way, essential oil can solve most of your skin problems.